Masport Super Grande RBW 210, 6 Burner BBQ

Masport Super Grande 210 RBW, 6 Burner BBQ Sale!

Masport Super Grande RBW 210, 6 Burner BBQ

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Masport Super Grande RBW 210, 6 Burner BBQ
By Masport
Product No:  552589
This is a great looking BBQ constructed in 304 stainless steel. A rear infrared burner fitted for direct cooking when using the rotisserie. This BBQ also features a glass window so you can see your food when the hood is down.

  • 304 stainless steel
  • Convection style hood with window and with less vents aids the infusion of flavour and maintains consistent cooking temperatures
  •  Strong and fashionable aluminium main burner control knobs
  •  Kebab racks and skewers included on grill for cleaner, non-stick roasting
  •  Interchangeable insert cooking system – great for pizzas and other cooking options
  • Fat Away Drainage system on hotplate, directs away excess fats, oils and unnecessary juices.
  • Six burners (11.70mj/h each) improves heat distribution over full cooking surfaces
  • Let the cooking timer take some of the guess work out of barbecuing
  • Six premium 304 grade stainless steel burners with stainless steel flame tamers
  • Side burner (10.99mj/h) provides versatility when cooking
  • Rear infrared burner (10mj/h) perfect for radiant rotisserie cooking
  • Full electronic igntion lights on all burners with the push of one button
  • Total LP Gas output 91.19mj/h
  • Includes  rotisserie, UV resistant cover, cast iron deep dish and interchangeable cooking system (pizza stone, grill, hotplate, kebab racks and grill insert holder and removal tool)
  • Can be converted to Natural Gas (extra cost)
  • Must be converted by a licensed plumber

5 year warranty on grill body

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We also have the GAS SAFETY GAUGE available for purchase with your POL Cylinder.
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